Architectural Membrane Types

Construction Membranes

Engineered tension membrane and tensile fabric structures provide great flexibility. Our architectural membranes offer phenomenal performance and are notably better in many ways to the alternate construction fabrics. Tensile fabric structures allow for a quick and efficient build and design. Not to mention, tensile architecture provides the project owner a cost-effective build, long-term overhead and structural savings due to protection against the elements, and, fundamentally, they are virtually maintenance free. When under tension, or in the tensile state, these tensile structures offer durability and fire resistance that meet and exceed building codes.

The Membranes We Use:


Teflon Coated Fiberglass


Vinyl Coated Polyester



TSS offers many tension fabric options for every tensile structure. We recommend brands from Ferrari, Seaman, and Mehler high performance textiles that are exclusively designed for tension and tensile fabric structures.

All tensile membrane panels are tensioned both vertically and horizontally with hydraulic jacks, rigid purlins and cable and mast tension systems. Through years of extensive research and development, we now offer many types of tensile fabric structure membranes that will suit your tensile structures needs.

Longevity & Durability

Life spans that exceed 30 years are standard. The world’s first PTFE glass fiber fabric membrane roof continues to look and function to specific standards since its first installation in 1973.

Tensile Fabric Applications

Insulated fabric membranes change the way people view, feel, and sense the architectural impact within any building type. It provides occupants with many benefits while allowing design creativity unmatched by any other insulated roofing option.

Cost & Energy Savings

Functionally, the highly efficient insulation system provides significantly reduced costs in mechanical and lighting systems which translate into long-term operational cost reductions.

We have provided many solutions for Storage Structures, Aviation & Aircraft Hangars, Sports Enclosures, Salt/Sand Storage Domes, Recycling Structures, Public Works Buildings, Remediation, Manufacturing Facilities, Composting Buildings, Military Hangars, Rapid Deployable Structures, Shade Systems, Tensile Roof Structures, Construction Buildings, Gaming and Exhibition Structures, Mining Structures for Exploration Camps, Environmental Enclosures, Marine and Shipbuilding Structures, Athletic Facilities, Dry Dock Structures, Water Treatment Covers, Temporary Maintenance Shops and sprung type structures.