Maintenance & Inspection

Committed to Our Customers

With more than 25 years of worldwide experience, TSS provides quality post-project resources and assistance. Our core values are customer-centric, and we believe every job we complete is a testament to our company’s long-standing reputation.

Our commitment to customer service extends far beyond project completion. Our site supervisors are on call 24/7, allowing us to respond promptly to any service request.

Building owners work with us to ensure their structures perform and look as good years from now as they do the day the tensile membrane is installed.


TSS Roofing and Facade Services Include:


Product/Service recommendations 

Engineering evaluations


Planning logistics


Full-service inspection of your structure, roof, and facade for insurance purposes

New roofs and facades

Replacements for our oldest structures and all types of membranes


As needed, we can repair or replace any damaged
membrane panels

Emergency Response

Weather-related damage cannot be predicted, but you can count on our timely response


Let us help extend the life of your roof and facade as our highly skilled technicians work with all types of architectural membrane, including PTFE, ETFE and PVC