Architectural Screenings & Facades

FacadeScreen by Tensile Structure Systems

FacadeScreen creates premium, innovative and custom facades from architectural membrane screens and fabrics, also known as facade cladding systems for commercial clients nationwide.  We provide unparalleled service and support.  From initial concept through design, engineering and successful completion, we challenge anyone to match our record for best overall value.

FacadeScreen’s screening and solar protection membranes are designed and engineered to meet all building codes. They can be installed directly over existing structures or incorporated into new buildings or retrofit facades. Facades are ideal for screening roof top mechanical equipment, parking decks, parking garage screening, sports facilities, retail, educational and commercial applications.

Building facades play a significant role in the overall appearance of a property. The facade sets the first impression. Our systems can increase the properties aesthetics and value while reducing energy consumption. The tensile membrane facade can provide a wide range of technical and commercial advantages. As a result, these advantages include maximizing natural day light while reducing solar gain, increasing the overall energy efficiency, adding privacy and increasing property values.

Architectural facade screen mesh and wraps provide a cost effective way to modernize older buildings. Facade fabric helps to utilize the new screening for commercial advertising opportunities. This increases the property values and associated lease revenues.

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Affordable way to modernize older buildings and structures

Increase revenues from rents and advertising opportunities

Increase in property values

Reduced energy use and associated energy credits

Iconic designs that can become instantly recognizable

Iconic designs that can become instantly recognizable

Design is unlimited – creative shapes, colors and themes

Membranes are available using PTFE fiberglass, Vinyl Coated Polyester, Metal Mesh and ETFE Clear Foil.

FacadeScreen by Tensile Structure Systems offers Worldwide Service and Support:

Custom Screening & Facade Design & Engineering

Inspection, Maintenance / Cleaning

Any Width by Any Length

Engineered to International Standards

Green LEED Compliant, Energy Efficient


The Applications of Architectural Membrane Screening and Fabric Facades are Endless


Buildings and Businesses

Roof Structures

Rooftop Utility and Physical Plant Screening

Parking Deck Aesthetic Screening

Parking Garage Screening

Retrofit and Updates to Older Buildings

Custom-Printed Designs, Graphics or Logos

Canopies or Shade Structures

Pre-Designed Canopies

Parking Deck Aesthetic Screening

Covered Walkways and Entryways

Outdoor Café Covers and Canopies

Parks & Recreation Shades and Canopies

Architectural Umbrellas

Shade and Sail Structure Systems


Aviation and Transportation

Curbside Canopies and Shade Systems

Interim Walkway and Passenger Protection

Theme Park, Entertainment and Sports

Sports and Athletic Facility Enclosures

Stadium, Amphitheater Roof

Performance and Event Structure Signage

Seating and Stadium Shelters

Gaming and Exhibition Structures