Structure Types


Conic or Pavilion Tensile Structure Type

Conical tensile structures provide an aesthetic appearance with a wider ceiling that are long-lasting. A large ambiance can be created with the high CenterPoint design that enhances the outside view with a tent-like shape.

Hypar or Anticlastic Tensile Structure Type

The Hypar (hyperbolic paraboloid) is a popular and useful structure that is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides great shade for sitting and standing areas. This is a shape relies on the two opposing curvatures to provide stability and gives it its unique shape.


Parallel Arch or Barrel Vault Tensile Structure Type

The Barrel Vault design is a linear canopy structure that features symmetrical curved parallel canvases tensioned over arches and is customizable to any size or project. This is a great cost-effective design due to the repetitive arches it incorporates into the structure.

Saddle-Shaped Tensile Structure Type

The saddle structure or anticlastic structure has the center of its curvature located on opposite sides of the structure. This gives it the saddle-like appearance and makes a great space for stages or other open areas.


Shade Sail Tensile Structure Type

Sail structures incorporate the hypar design to make an attractive shade and rain cover for any setting.