Screen Facades as a Modernizing Tool for Older Buildings: Enhancing Functionality and Style


Older buildings have a charm and character that’s hard to replicate in new construction. However, as time marches on, many of these structures require renovation or redesign to meet the needs of today’s businesses. This is where the innovation of screen facades, like our premium FacadeScreen, comes into play. In this blog, we will explore what a screen facade is and how it can be a unique design tool when it comes to modernizing older buildings. 

What is a Screen Facade?

A screen facade, also known as a membrane screen or facade cladding system, is a modern architectural solution that uses innovative materials such as architectural membrane screens and fabrics to cover and enhance the exterior of a building. While basic construction often opts for metal panels, screen facades are more visually striking and highly functional, making them an ideal choice for older building renovations. Whether you have an older neighborhood restaurant with a patio that needs a facelift or an unsightly parking garage that needs to be turned into something pleasant to look at, we can help you get the results you desire.

Benefits of Using a Screen Facade for Older Buildings

The main benefit of using a screen facade is the ability to enhance or improve a building’s aesthetics while breathing new life into historical landmarks or classic structures. But did you know they can also boost energy efficiency? While the aesthetics are a major plus that makes them popular for everything from airports to soccer stadiums, screen facades also act as a thermal barrier that regulates temperature and reduces utility costs.

Additionally, screen facades can be tailored to control natural light, making them ideal for structures with limited window (and lighting) options. No more excessive, ugly overhead lighting. With the natural light from your screen facade, your guests can enjoy the fresh air and the view.

Some other benefits of screen facades include:

  • Preserve a building’s unique character
  • Durability
  • Meeting strict regulatory and compliance standards
  • Cost-effective upgrades to modern design norms

Screen facades, such as our premium and innovative FacadeScreen, are revolutionary when it comes to modernizing older buildings. They offer an array of benefits, from enhancing aesthetics to improving energy efficiency, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to preserve the historic charm of an older building or give it a contemporary twist, screen facades are the solution you’ve been searching for.

High Visual Appeal Without High Material Costs

Screen facades not only improve the visual appeal of commercial structures but may also offer significant financial benefits. From attracting quality tenants and customers to reduced maintenance costs and an extended building lifespan, screen facades can be a wise financial investment that enhances the economic viability of commercial properties.

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