Why a Custom Fabric Facade is the Answer to Your Next Commercial Design Project?


You may have seen custom fabric used at theme parks, airports, outside business buildings, or any number of places. The heavy-duty fabric is stretched against a frame made from steel, aluminum, or timber to keep the fabric tight while using some of the strongest fabrics available. With many benefits that make it a popular choice for architects, developers, and building owners, a custom fabric facade can be a great choice for architects of commercial design projects who are seeking cost effectiveness that is still pleasing to the eye.

Below, the team at Tensile Structure Systems discusses why a custom fabric facade may be the answer to your next commercial design.

How is a Custom Fabric Facade Used in Tensile Architecture?

There are numerous uses for custom fabric facades in tensile architecture. Fabric facade can be used to enhance a parking deck, walkway, or entry, as well as shade parks or stadiums.It can add a privacy aspect to a building or structure and even reduces energy consumption immensely by having thermal regulation, ventilation, and airflowall while allowing for natural lighting. Tensile fabrics  are made of extremely durable material that withstands weathering, too. So, whether you’re looking to increase aesthetics, reduce energy consumption, or add privacy, we’ve got an option that will work for your next fabric facade project.

One can customize these structures to any shape, size, or architectural vision. A finished design can range from simple canopies and umbrellas to complex domes, shells, and pavilions with versatility that allows architects and designers to create innovative and iconic structures that stand out in their surroundings.

The Benefits of Tension Fabric Building

A custom fabric facade is a contemporary solution for commercial design projects with many benefits. Not only can architects use them to create visually stunning and distinctive building exteriors, but they are:

  • Lightweight: Fabric materials are light, allowing for unique shapes, patterns, and textures in buildings. The lightweight nature of fabric materials reduces the need for structural reinforcements, minimizing construction costs and disruptions.
  • Aesthetics: This makes the building look attractive and noticeable in its environment. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Fabric buildings can have shading and solar control features to regulate temperatures and reduce the need for cooling systems.
  • Cost-Effective: Fabric structures tend to be more cost-effective than conventional roofing, cladding, or shade structures. They require fewer materials, less labor, and have lower foundation requirements. Fabric facades are also faster to install than traditional cladding, speeding up project completion and minimizing downtime for occupied buildings.

Custom fabric facades can make commercial properties look modern and unique, increasing their appeal and value in the market. The energy efficiency and sustainability benefits associated with fabric facades further contribute to the long-term value proposition of the building.

FacadeScreen by Tensile Structure Systems

FacadeScreen by Tensile Structure Systems is a versatile architectural solution that combines aesthetic appeal with functional benefits for building exteriors. FacadeScreen creates premium, innovative and custom facades from architectural membrane screens and fabrics, also known as facade cladding systems for commercial clients nationwide. From initial concept through design, engineering, and successful completion, Tensile Structure Systems is unmatched for its overall value.

FacadeScreen benefits include:

    • Affordable way to modernize older buildings and structures
    • Increase revenues from rents and advertising opportunities
  • Increase in property values
  • Reduced energy use and associated energy credits
  • Iconic designs that can become instantly recognizable
  • Design is unlimited and includes creative shapes, colors, and themes

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